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Flying car!))

Flying car

  In the United States launched the production of hybrid flying car, small plane and car. The device is a single-engine airplane with folding wings and four-wheel chassis. If necessary, Transition can fold its wings and drive down the highway like a conventional car.
  The average speed of the model-185km / h, lifting capacity, up to 204 kg. To lift the unit into the air requires a runway length of approximately 520 m. Originally Terrafugia Transition was designed as a "light sport aircraft" up to 600 kg. However, it turned out that in this weight range does not fit a number of important details: airbags, crumple zones and skeleton. As a result, U.S. officials have increased the weight of the model by 55 kg and, in spite of this, to classify a vehicle as a sports aircraft, making it easier to obtain licenses to fly.
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