lookianov (lookianov) wrote,

Running definitely helpful!

  This is probably the most accessible of all types of physical exercise. What is so attractive race of all? Running leads to restructuring of the bones, which leads to a decrease in injuries to a person in everyday life, makes us work all major muscle groups of the body and cover the missing energy costs, resulting in weight loss and a beautiful figure. Running strengthens the circulatory system, which is an excellent prevention of heart disease.
  Running is also changing the oxygen and biochemical composition of blood, which leads to lack of oxygen deficiency and the risk of cancer, stimulates metabolism, stimulates the release of specific substances that elevate mood and improve the functioning of the nervous system, normalizes and positively affects the digestive system, relieves headaches , relieves insomnia, steadfastly lowers blood pressure, slows the aging process in the body, eliminating the frequent colds, increases stamina and performance

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