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Florida Fairy Tale


  Costoyatelnye people actively resettled, mainly in those districts where their incomes are much higher than that of the local population.
  By this criterion, the most desirable for the wealthy Florida county was Collier. Since the year 2008 there have moved more than 15 thousand people at an average annual income of 76 thousand dollars. A major motivation for the move could be something that if a person earns a decent, kind to his savings and does not want to spend money on searchlights local bureaucrats. Simultaneously, the same district left about 16 000 inhabitants. However, their income was 28 thousand dollars per year per person.
  In Collier County are moving not only from most of Florida, but also, for example, Michigan, New York and Illinois.

Another state to "attract" people with money, was Texas. And this is natural. Neither Florida nor Texas - there is no income tax.

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