lookianov (lookianov) wrote,

300 000 were poisoned, and have died 5000

Such data - from May 2009 to May 2010 unveiled .- The Office of the Food and Drug Administration USA (Food and Drug Administration - FDA). Not only is it unhealthy food, but also product quality is poor .. The problem of food poisoning in the U.S. is going to pick up in Congress.
From Capitol Hill to adopt new rules will require the storage, transportation and sale of products, as well as tougher penalties for sellers of poisons. At risk is primarily a steakhouse, burgers and other fast food. Americans are obsessed with this meal .. Today, as the American Medical Association has estimated (American Medical Association - AMA), about 400 thousand people in the U.S. suffer toksikofobiey, then there is the fear of poison. Slightly less than half of them - refuse to eat in unfamiliar places.

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