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parade of mermaids


  Last Saturday in Coney Island in New York's Brooklyn was next, the account Parade Mermaids.
In connection with the construction and opening of Coney Island at the amusement park mermaid parade planned to cancel or reschedule, but nevertheless, the traditional carnival of fantastic sea creatures no matter what took place at Coney Island in the twenty-eighth time. Dancers entertain the crowd, standing in a queue before the parade.

  The event is very popular among visitors and locals the event, and is one of the most striking sights of the city. The action is a colorful procession, whose members dressed mermaids, sea kings and other fabulous inhabitants of the underwater world. Also participating in the march band, vintage cars.

  Each year, the parade involved a celebrity, who act as the King and Queen of the holiday. This year they have become a musician Lou Reed and his wife.

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