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  Soldering work associated with the release of many substances that are harmful to health. The most dangerous components of soldering smoke particles include abietic acid (rosin), causing asthmatic reactions even in a healthy person.
  Prolonged inhalation of air in which the particle content of rosin exceeds the allowable level, leads to the development of irreversible allergic reactions, often turning into asthma. In addition, the particles of rosin or rosin decomposition products without a flux, usually heavily contaminated with lead, the harm that can not speak.
  Soldering smoke contains not only a solid microparticles and gases generated as a result of working out the flux. The most harmful of them - formaldehyde. He is both a strong allergen and a strong carcinogen, ie, leads to the development of allergic as well as cancer. In short extract qualitative need, so all that garbage does not breathe!

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