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Teenagers are constantly listening music, suffer from depression 8.3 times more frequently than o

 listening music

  It is unclear, frequently listening to music leads teens to depression or, conversely, depressed mood makes their way "from reality," but the fact remains that found a direct relationship between music and depression.
  U.S. researchers interviewed 106 adolescents, 46 of whom were diagnosed with "clinical depression" as they prefer to spend their free time. Were given six options to choose to sit on the internet, read books, watch TV, watch movies, play games or listen to music. They found that those who are constantly listening to music, manifested symptoms of depression 8.3 times more likely than the others. But those who read a lot, by contrast, were 10 times more mentally stable. Other types of medakommunikatsy no effect on the psycho-emotional status of adolescents.
  The conclusions of scientists are: a love of reading is not a sign of isolation and "care of themselves," as previously thought, but out of the room around the clock sounding teen music should make parents wary.
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