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The oldest prostitute in the world 96 years

The oldest prostitute in the world 96 years

  A native of Britain, Millie Cooper, who began working as a prostitute at the end of World War II, still earns a living in the profession, but in 2011 she was already 96 years old.
  At the age of 27 years Millie fell in love with an American and moved from London to Las Vegas. However, during the war, he died, and she was left alone with a baby in her arms. At first she worked as a dancer in a cabaret, and then took up the provision of escort services VIP-class.
Later she became a "madame" and 10 girls have started to work on it. And even when she married in 1955, did not leave the profession. Although the past 25 years she did not offer sexual services to men, but then came back to it and deals with the oldest profession today.
  According to Millie, she was only 3.5 thousand men. Now the age of her clients range from 29 to 92 years. And earns "the panel retired" more than 80 thousand dollars a year.
  Currently, Millie meets with two clients a week, and each of them pays her $ 1,200 for a "date". She also criticizes the modern girls who "go half-naked, with a thin body and big breasts."
"At least, I stick to standards. I am always elegantly dressed, and all my customers - gentlemen, "- says Millie.

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