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Recently, I was interested in the Norwegian gothic metal project. Listen to some songs, and I liked it. Architectural project based Morten Velandia in 2001 after retiring from Tristania. Almost all musical parts on the albums created by him.
I was wondering where that name in the group. And it is taken from the Norwegian word Siren, which translated into Russian means "horn". Sirens in Greek mythology - the sea creatures in the form of a bird with a woman's head that his singing lured mariners Sweet disastrous in place.
At the moment only 5 albums:
2002 - At Sixes And Sevens
2004 - An Elixir For Existence
2004 - Sirenian Shores
2007 - Nine Destinies And A Downfall
2009 - 13th Floor
I particularly liked - female vocals with inserts choral penalties and growling. That's just not clear why, but all albums are different soloists!
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