lookianov (lookianov) wrote,

Those who sold Russia could not have been deemed Russian

... Just, you know, in the shower with bated
Not bad, but in a good offense -
You are repeating my youth ....
(C), Russian who knows

If the problem was in the elite, we would be in 1993-1995, decided the issue. Change the elite could be without shooting, though, we would not be hindered.
The problem was that the other elite Russian people were not ready to push - just exactly the same. Faith in the greenback and the desire to do everything just for a buck - it was down to the bottom, it has always been faith of the Russian people. Mode 4 October was due not so much a failure as this there's a vital installation.
Bucks for Russian were prepared to sell everything. Okay to home, okay, all property would be - and even themselves. All these years the Russian sell everything that will give even a cent. Go to the service only to immediately betray and sell the resulting piece of power. Having made a career - sell positions, depriving yourself of power. Capturing any piece of property - even monetizing as though 5% of the price - if only the cache. Sell ​​daughters and wives to brothels, children's bodies (or as they say - to "foreign adoption"), sell themselves to wholesale and retail.
Project looting of Russia, Yeltsin calculated by U.S. employers for 5 years, was delayed for as much as 20 only because it was close orgy suddenly wishes of almost all the active Russian people.

What would happen if we removed those days thieves? Immediately crept to the current ... They povylazili.
In order to build a great nation, it was necessary to challenge America. It did not carry risks for the country - hell would someone useful, and depending on the real America is not (ie from Europe and China - but also depend on the ionization, so that trade sanctions would not have). But it carried the danger to those who already otmonetizirovalsya. Imposed on their loot would paw amerskie owners.
At the same idea to make a roof to amers zalupnutsya not dare - and even does not occur. Just suck and suck ...

And try to just call a spade a spade and tell the truth Russian, what they really are - just hysterical screeching about God-bearing people, the Jews and Russophobia. But a scream, all right, it do not matter to anyone in the way, but there was simply no options complement the state apparatus sane staff to conduct the policy of national revival.

So in 1995 we decided to leave the game. If our program is not realizable, then hold the power to participate in sawing green pieces of paper there is no interest. Do they still suckers at the end of confiscated, and we are on our way of life can make money without stealing for sure. At the Canary House and lobster for dinner, I at 5-10 hours per week of employment as a paid, and work harder to lend to the Fed zapadlo ...

The revolution remarkable manner swayed now mature in 20 years a new breed of Russian - those who came to the area, not for dough, but for ideas. They do not realize that in fact their leads, but it means that Russia has a class that is capable of recovery and development of the country, not just the theft.

So I felt the need to help this generation to realize their chance. For this purpose it is necessary that Russia remained, and that the power elite has adopted a new post-industrial elite as a partner after the collapse of the thieves, the ideology which security forces for 20 years, learned as fast as before sovagitprop. Alone, I could not do this, so started looking for like-minded people.

I'm all for anything. If you want to be capable, then the system does not harbor any illusions about Russian. Inadequate representation inevitably leads to wrong decisions - and you wash away into sewer. Kept afloat only helps the realism.
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