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Work is work, but sometimes you just need to get distracted and play some games. Typically, these are games in which not even think you need.
But why not stretch your brain? Combine so to speak with pleasure.
New game erudite online is quite different from many other browser-based online game. The main feature of game scholars from other online games is that it is intelligent. In this game you will not offer to buy weapons, armor, or something else in order to defeat the enemy. You are the enemy on equal terms, and only you determine you win or lose.
By registering on this site, you are invited to make a call to another player. The home page has a table with users that are present on the site. If the field is "busy" blinks green circle, you can invite him to a duel. If he agrees to fight you, then run the game. You and your opponent will be asked multiple choice. For each of your correct answer, you will be credited points. To exclude the amateur search engines time to each question is limited. After each question you'll see, right or wrong answer your opponent to the previous question. Also, if you answer is wrong, you show what the answer was correct. So you can remember the correct answer and enrich their knowledge. At the end of this fight turns out, one of the players more erudite and the score he won. More on the home page have a chat, where you can discuss matches or negotiate new engagements. In addition to chat, for convenience and additional interest in the left column of the site is TOP3 best players. There appear three players with the most points and wins. To get there you should try, but if you are an erudite man, you is not difficult.
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