lookianov (lookianov) wrote,

A bit of chemistry

In the last article I promised to write about aquarium chemistry. Restraining promise.
So, what we need to fish to feel great?
"Run," a new aquarium in two ways.
1. Pour the water heater and turn on the filter, and wait 5-10 days for it to time in the water formed the desired microflora.
2. do not wait 10 days and throw a special pill or liquid, based on volume.
Both the first and second way is good.
The second issue that we care about is water. Not all water quality, as if from a municipal water supply, much more. There is a chemical that neutralizes not only chlorine but also chloramines. The difference is that the chlorine from the water fades after a couple of days, and chloramine - a more stable state of chlorine - no. Also, this chemistry (not specifically the company - not to advertise writing) binds heavy metals, water saturates the active iodine, and vitamin B, which is very useful. Used at each water change
The substitution of water - preferably 1 day a week to 20%.

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