lookianov (lookianov) wrote,

The king of fruits


  Durian. One of the most exotic fruits, still called the "king of fruits". The uniqueness of the durian is a unique combination of taste and smell. Its taste is quite common: a thick crust hides sour-sweet pulp. But smell like the smell of rotten meat. It is no accident in the majority of hotels in those countries where it grows durian, a poster depicting a slashed with fruit. The ban not only due to excellent smell, how much power this odor. A few minutes later, he is able to tell a hotel room fragrance, which will then round the clock to destroy all conceivable means of perfumes.
Durian pulp is oblong lobes pale yellow flesh with large seeds, banana-like density. There are not used to be about the same as drinking vodka: Exhale and sharp stuff flesh in his mouth.

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